Sunday, September 11, 2011

Deuxième semaine de classe

Children have made a lot of progress during the second week of school and are slowly adjusting to their new classroom, routines and friends.

La pâte à modeler, c'est bien pour les petites mains !
Joli dessin de bon matin ! 
This week, children continued to discover the many different areas and understand their functions. We continue to learn about identity before lining up to go to the bathroom or outside. Two lines "boys on one side and girls on the other" (garçons et filles).

En rang pour la récréation

In terms of language development, children are encouraged by all the staff to use these words on a daily basis: "bonjour, s'il vous plaît, merci, au revoir and more". They are also encouraged to ask for help and they do so by repeating after the teacher. We have enjoyed singing our routine songs and "Petit escargot".

Petit escargot 
Porte sur son dos 
sa maisonnette aussitôt qu'il pleut 
Il est tout heureux 
et sort sa tête.

We have worked on fine motor skills by understanding various concepts: "déchirer, froisser, plier, rouler, coller". We used news paper, glue and dot paint for this specific project.

 Here is the end result of our activity together representing our school:

Collage "Notre école"

We worked with various ways to make prints: "hands, finger, dot paint, and wine caps (bouchons).

Empreintes de mes deux mains

Je recouvre la feuille de mes empreintes de mains
Je fais des empreintes avec mes doigts, peinture et bouchons 

Madame la directrice brought us a special treasure. Lots of fun ways to develop fine motor skills and create a fun card to take home.

Merci Malika pour ces petits trésors !
Cette jolie carte, c'est pour ma maman !

Learning the skills of becoming a student is in progress. We continue to work on acceptance, sitting and sharing. Musical instruments and songs are used when it's time to clean up and come to circle time. We are making great efforts to know each other as well. Some have already made friends with one another.

Les petits assis sur le tapis
On partage la cuisine ensemble.

We continue to explain the rules at school such as: no biting, hitting, pushing or screaming. The peace rose corner is still a novelty to some, but seems to work nicely with children.

Un petit geste doux

We continued to read the books of week 1, but we also added new books as well: "Le loup est revenu" and "Calinours va à l'école". Some children are starting to recognize the titles and some can answer questions in relation to the books.

Expressing themselves with their body outside and exercise in the morning. Ex: stretching to the sky high and bending down to the earth with hands and feet: "On touche le ciel et la terre avec les mains et les pieds".  We worked on balance and understanding the concept of a straight line. We pretended to walk on a piece of wood and made sure to stay on it to avoid falling in the river.

Attention ! Ne tombez pas dans la rivière !

The week is over so, bon week end et à lundi les amis !

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