Saturday, September 3, 2011

Première semaine de classe

The first week of school has been a lot of fun. We got to meet every child of the school.

Je cherche mon casier

Gaston The Porkipine (Porc-épic en français) has helped some make a better transition during drop-off and added more fun during circle time. The first week, we learned to get to know each other, discover the classroom and get used to the classroom routines. We read "Le Loup Sentimental" et "L'école de Léon".

Children really loved "Le Loup Sentimental", the story of Luca the wolf who is leaving home for the first time.

Children are slowly adjusting to naptime to the sound of French lullabies and the story of Pierre et le loup.

Chut... C'est l'heure de la sieste.

We spent a lot of time playing in different areas of the classroom and outside.

On joue au docteur
On joue dehors !
On peint ensemble !

Children enjoyed learning various songs every time we made a transition. Here is a brief list of songs: "Bonjour, bonjour" in the morning, "C'est l'heure de ranger, on range, on range" to clean up, "On s'lave les mains, on s'lave les mains" to wash hands, "Petit ange, il faut que tu manges" just before eating and many more.

Little hands making art with brushes and hands! How fun!

Comme c'est rigolo de se tremper les mains dans la peinture !
On s'amuse super bien ensemble !
Des artistes en herbe !

Thursday we celebrated Chloé's birthday. She turned 3! Her family came to talk about Chloé's first three years of life: sweet way to honor this special day! They made a poster of all her most important people and events.

Les parents de Chloé

They also made a zucchini cake and a nice watermelon salad for our class. Children enjoyed this special treat right after singing "Joyeux anniversaire" to our little friend. C'était très bon ! Merci aux parents de Chloé !

Miam Miam !

A mardi pour une autre belle aventure ! See you on Tuesday for another beautiful adventure!

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