Sunday, September 25, 2011

Quatrième semaine de classe

Hello parents,

This week, we continued to work on the various people of the family "la fille, le garçon, la maman et le papa". We finished working on the body of papa et the one of maman. You will see them posted on our wall this week after we finish cutting them out.

Portrait de la fille

We worked on the family tree and will continue to add photos and prints. Please stop by to add your prints. We used natural brown paper and made branches. Children had a lot of fun twisting the pieces of papers and making them into beautiful branches. We added photos and asked children to put their prints using the index finger.

C'est rigolo de tordre du papier

On colle les branches

L'arbre enfin prêt pour le mur de notre classe

We learned various songs: "Ma famille" to the tune of Frère Jacques. We also changed the lyrics to "Mes amis".

We read "La famille Bonbon au marché", "Cajou cåliné par sa petite soeur". 

Les enfants ont adoré ce livre !

Il a vraiment une chouette petite soeur !

We continued to work on the letter A and introduced activities on the letter B including coloring and painting the letter, listening and singing nursery rhymes and songs "La famille B" et "En baillant"

La lettre A en pâte à modeler

We continue to work on vertical lines with the Papillons and  recognizing classmates in groups using the song "J'ai un nom" and the family tree with pictures.

With masking tape
With paint

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